March 30, 2012

Witty Professor for the Win

This is a precursor to a long-winded, philosophical post to happen in the next few days. But this email was too funny to not post. It is from my professor, Carl Lagoze, who teaching Intermediate Web Programming and Design. Some context for those who don't know. Slope Day = excuse to wake up drinking and listen to music in the sunshine instead of going to the last day of class.

"In class on Wednesday I mentioned that part of the final project deliverables was a presentation by each group and their section on May 4, the last section of the semester. This presentation is also mentioned in the project assignment document. I knew that this date collided with slope day, but somehow I managed to forget that attendance at slope day is "mandatory". Needless to say, a number of students have reminded me of that! Therefore, I have canceled this aspect of the final project and, instead, we will have very fun and entertaining "minute madness" presentations of the final projects in the last lecture section of the semester on May 2. Of course, following university regulations, sections will not be canceled on May 4, but will be optional, and guaranteed to be as much fun as what is happening on Libe Slope. Many thanks to the students who convinced me of the wisdom of this decision."