January 8, 2011

If you wanted to just downright annoy me... You've succeeded

There is a fine line between being opinionated and being arrogant. Being educated and informed does not necessarily mean your right, or that the world will agree with you. You have your own views? Fine. Don't act like the rest of the world is absolutely terrible because they don't agree. Also, don't make broad statements that you cannot 100% personally support: i.e. "Liberals will never be safe in the southern half of this country. Ever." Unless you have been to the South and seen every single liberal personally physically hurt, you have no basis for such a statement.

On that note, the stereotype of the south baffles and annoys me to death. Asking the South to give up itss Confederate pride would be like asking England to destroy its palace because monarchies are not considered "politically acceptable." A misconception is that every Southerner during the Civil War was a crazed slave driver. Actually, most were fighting for state rights, slavery simply as a side issue. I am 100% sure that slavery is a crime, I am in no way defending it, I am simply speaking to the fact that the South has always been misrepresented and I am sick and tired of it. All Southerners are not bigoted racists like everyone seems to think. Before making a judgement, you better get your sorry ass down here.

Part of this reason this rant is here and isnt of out for the world to see is exactly my point. This is my view. Sure, I think it is correct, but I do not expect the world to agree with me. I would like people to be more informed and less ignorantly arrogant, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon. It might offend someone in the middle of nowhere which will make national news and they will get their on show and have more money than they ever deserved.

Anyway, point is: OPINIONS are perfectly acceptable, in fact, encouraged. Arrogance, however, is just a sign that you have no idea what you are talking about and are more closed minded than the people you are criticizing for closed-mindedness. Get some values, some humility, and some self-awareness.

That is all.

January 1, 2011

Resolutions 2011

Yes, resolutions are cliche. Yes, most people make a list and by the end of January they have forgotten them or are entirely unsuccessful. Yes, I probably won't accomplish everything I want. But that doesn't make the principle any less important and powerful.

Resolutions are what keep us on track. The best people to be around are those who are driven, and it is hard to be driven if you have nothing to be driving towards. Goals keep us going when we feel like we have nothing to work for. Some can be concrete, success-measurable goals, while others are character traits or mental decisions. Every one helps to guide us towards becoming better people.

My Resolutions for 2011:

1. Improve my PFA score. My PFA score was a 185 this past semester. To pass unit standards I need a 225. Even if I don't pass this semester, I just want to improve. Perhaps shoot for 200 or higher?

2. Finish both Spring 2011/Fall 2011 with no grade lower than a C. I got a C- on Multivariable Calculus. I was thrilled to pass, but I don't want to cut it that close again.

3. Admit when I cannot handle my load. I have always been convinced that I could handle everything. To take care of myself, I need to come to terms with my limits.

4. Get all that I can out of CORTAMID. CORTRAMID is the summer training program for NROTC students between freshman and sophomore years. I hope to learn so much and but my best effort into every aspect.

5. Write a handwritten letter at least twice a week. I did alright at this over the past year, but I would like to be better. I love getting mail, and I want to return the favor, especially to my mom.

6. Be strong. I have had quite a year, and I need to maintain my mental strength to take on everything to come in the coming years of my life. Why not start now?

7. Put away at least $25 a month for saving. I wanted to buy so many Christmas presents this year and just did not have the funds. I will change that for next Christmas. I don't like being on financial edge all the time.

8. Eat better. I got better as the year progressed, but I need to keep an eye on my nutrient intake, especially with my low iron and constant health issues.

9. Never forget to be kind. I have always been proud of myself for being a kind person, but I want to be better this year. I want to show my gratitude for everyone around me and I want to be as supportive as possible of my friends and family.

Nine has always been a good number. I'd say those are good goals. Oh, unofficial tenth resolution: remind myself monthly of my resolutions.

All my love. Here is to a brand new year. Let's make the most of it.