February 28, 2010

"We're just visitin."

I love the idea of visiting. I love thinking about days of past when people just came over for a pleasant change of company and for a spirit-lifting chat. I believe I began to notice this driving around my aunt's Oxford, Mississippi subdivision. The South is horribly stereotyped as "stupid rednecks" and "bigoted snobs." Sure, the South may have made a few wrong turns but who doesn't? It makes me sad that they don't really hold much place in people's approval expect by those who have been here firsthand.

I must credit the South on having some of the warmest people. And you can tell even by their houses. About 90% of houses around here have at least one open porch with five or six rocking chairs just for visiting. I'm reading The Gurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and I believe that they properly know how to visit too. Vacations and visiting didn't have to revolve around things to do and places to see. It was ok to come by for a month or two, take advantage of the wonderful hospitality apparent in nearly every person, and just enjoy the change of pace, scenery, and personalities. The South, though greatly transformed from olden days, still holds onto that sweet sincerity. Every porch is open to visitors. Every home is open to travelers. It's alright to wake up late and wander down to the sun room (I love the idea of a sun room!) just to say hello and to chat pleasantly. I consider it a character flaw when people do not appreciate the art of amiable conversation and the beauty of comfortable silence. I love that there are still places around the world where it is ok to take your time - it's ok to not have something to do all the time.

I'm probably just rambling but being here really gives me time to think - good think. I sat on the porch all by my self, wrapped up in a quilt, for about half an hour this morning. I felt the crisp air on my face and I took deep long breaths to relish every bit of Mississippi air. I thought about Gone with the Wind and people just dropping by for weeks at a time, just to be with those people who's company they most enjoyed. There was no such thing as "a quick overnight trip." I love that whole idea. It seems so romantic and friendly and good for the heart. I will never undervalue the important of "just visitin."

February 27, 2010

Mississippi ♥

I feel like I've come home. I grew up in so many different houses and it has always felt like Mississippi as been my one anchor. I come here and feel so content and at peace with my life. Everyone is so kind and thoughtful. The area is stunning. The houses are absolutely beautiful. Everything is so rich with history and love. The sunsets here are happy and warm. The sunrises are welcoming - I got up and watched this morning at 5:15. I love sitting on my aunt's porch in her wicker rocking chairs reading to my heart's content. I smile constantly when I'm here.

Today we went to the Ole Miss baseball game. It felt like such a supportive community coming together. I am so glad I've felt this feeling. It makes me so much happier with life. People really are good. Oxford is such a wonderful little town. I cannot wait to go walk around the Square. There is something so satisfying about being in such a kind community. I feel happy and content and safe and at home.

I know I will probably never live here - as much as I would LOVE to live in one of the beautiful plantation homes seen everywhere. But I do plan to visit regularly. It really truly recharges my soul.

February 22, 2010


"We were given: Two hands to hold. Two legs to walk. Two eyes to see. Two ears to listen. But why only one heart? Because the other was given to someone else. For us to find."

I really believe I'm the luckiest girl in the world. How I managed to get Jackson, I may never know. What is important is that he loves me so much and I owe him the world. He takes care of me and he listens. He cares so much. He is smart, special, unique, and amazing. Next year cannot come fast enough.

I know that he is my soulmate. My puzzle piece. My best friend.

"I came apart inside a world made of angry people.
I found a boy who had a dream, making everyone smile."
-Colbie Calliat

February 21, 2010


Why is it so hard to get motivated to study? Oh I know, I'm already into college. Ha.
But really - my last VMS exams (except one in the spring) and I can hardly bring myself to study. I know it's terrible but it's what happens. Globalization tomorrow, AP Physics and spanish on Tuesday, AP Calc BC and English on Wednesday. Then off to Mississippi! I'm trying to get into my usual productive study mode but I'm doing a particularly terrible job. Maybe I'll wake up in the morning and all of a sudden feel the urgency. Let's hope.

I may be meeting up with a girl named Amelia tomorrow. She is going to be in my Cornell class next year and she is here for her spring break. Should be interesting. I'm excited but also really nervous.

I've been thinking a lot about NROTC today. I know I'm going to have to work out tons this summer and the unknown-ness of it all is a little scary. I know that SO much good will come out of it - but there is also so much I know will be very difficult. I know I can do it. I know I can.

Anyway - I should be sleeping but the caffeine seems to disagree with that option so I suppose I'll just go lie in bed and see how that works out for me.


February 20, 2010

Ready to go (178 days)

I have 178 days until I get to Cornell. I cannot stop thinking about how much fun it is going to be. I am constantly researching clubs and all the things I may want to pursue.
On Tap tap group?
Chimes Master?
Dance classes?
Will I even have time with NROTC and a possible double major?
I've been researching sororities. I'm not a party person but I think I would love to have a solid group of girlfriends. From what I can tell, I think I'd like Kappa Delta, Alpha Phi, or Pi Phi would suit me best. But Jackson seems a little hesitant so we'll see. It's practically a year away anyway. Why rush (pun not originally intended!)?
I'm really excited about signing up to live in Balch. From what I can tell, I will really really like it. I'm a little worried about making friends (probably why a sorority would be a GOOD idea) but I know that everything will all work out ok.
I hope I'm not overzealous - I'm just excited!